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Law Office of Peter Vickery

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Peter Vickery, Attorney

What inspired you to start your business? How did your business get started?
My instinct is to fight for the underdog, and I became an attorney to do just that. My practice took a surprising turn when I realized that all too often nowadays the underdog is the small business owner, someone trying to create jobs and homes.

Tell us a little bit about your business.
I represent landlords and small businesses. I focus on defending employers against unfair charges of discrimination.

What is your favorite thing to do in your business?
One of my favorite things is helping the owner of a small business fend off an unfounded charge of discrimination by a disgruntled ex-employee. It doesn’t cost the employee anything to file a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) – there is no filing fee – but defending yourself can prove costly. And being accused of discrimination is just plain galling, particularly for small businesses that go above and beyond to treat all their workers fairly.

If nothing else, what is the one piece of information you want someone to know about your business?
My motto is nec temere, nec timide: neither rash nor timid. If I believe you should settle, I will tell you. And if I think you should stand your ground, I will tell you.

What is the one piece of business advice you would like to share?
Defending discrimination cases is much easier and cost-effective when defense counsel is involved from the day you receive the complaint, before you respond to the charge in any way.