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The professional staff of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce conducts the Chamber’s day-to-day business and implements, with the support of numerous volunteers, the programs and directives established by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Staff members welcome questions via email or phone at 413-584-1900 on the areas of specialty noted below.

Suzanne Beck, Executive Director
Legislative issues, business resources, tourism, and economic development programs.

Kristin Cole, Director of Operations
Chamber events, projects and membership programs.

Jasmin Tomic, Membership Services Manager
Membership and membership related events.

Jenna Lloyd, Program Assistant and Bookkeeping
Billing questions, program registration, committee schedules, and conference room availability.

Esther Ralston, Visitor Center Coordinator and Downtown Northampton Gift cards

Melissa Breor, Hampshire County Regional Tourism Coordinator

Chamber and Visitor Center Hours
9:00 AM-5:00 PM (Monday-Friday) Year Round
10-2 PM (Saturday and Sunday) May-October only