Amy Mager MS LicAc
Dan Garfield DC
Wellness House Northampton

I practice acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine. I was first licensed in CA where
acupuncturists are licensed as primary care providers. Dr. Dan practices gentle touch

My business got started as an idea when I was a child. My mother was ill and in chronic pain
and I knew I wanted to do something to help. I am committed to supporting women through
fertility issues, pregnancy, postpartum and through pain. I treat men with intractable pain issues
as well. Dr. Dan’s work is specific to decreasing stress in the nerve system entraining the brain
and nerve system. He works with infants, children and adults and just became certified in the
Webster technique which supports women in pregnancy

We have been practicing for a combined 54 years working with patients to help them shift
patterns where they are stuck. Dr. Dan in the nerve system working with his hands with gentle
chiropractic adjustments and entrainments. I work within the system of Chinese Medicine to
bring the body into the dynamic balance that generates life and heals using acupuncture,
Chinese herbal medicine, food as medicine and supplements.

Our favorite thing to do is to support patients to heal. It is a wondrous and miraculous thing to
have patients walk into your office in pain and leave feeling less pain and more centered. It is a
privilege to work with women around fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care. Hospice care is
another love of mine.

What I want people to know about our business is that we show up for you. It is our goal to
meet you where you are and work with the tools we are experienced and licensed to use to help
you reach your healthcare goals.

The one piece of business advice I have to share is to know yourself, be yourself and do your
work from the essence of who you are, because everybody else is already taken.