Name of your business.
Elite Home Health Agency

Your name and position.
Tom Porter – Owner

What inspired you to start your business? How did your business get started?
My background has been varied with 18 years in the Bell companies, then managing other businesses and doing consulting work and sales across the country. Back in 2004 I was working for another, un-named, agency and realized my standards were much higher than theirs – so after putting a business plan together I started my own home care agency in Hampshire County.

Tell us a little bit about your business.
We started out, in 2005, with one client and two staff and have built the business to over 30 field staff and three in the office. We are a ‘private pay’ and long term care insurance agency which means we do not accept MassHealth or Medicare/Medicaid payments. Our focus is on serving Hampshire County seniors, in their home, with the same staff person assisting them – so we know how they like their bed made and how their toast is buttered. No need for family or the senior to show a new staff person what needs to be done. We have a telephone log-in/out system and computer reporting so families can keep track of their loved one and staff can report changes.

What is your favorite thing to do in your business?
Our Operations Manager, Brittany, knows the day to day operation, schedules and runs the office. Rebecca is the Client Care Manager and works directly with clients and families. So I get to run the business, mop the floors, pay bills, do the advertising and payroll. I really do enjoy discovering new employees to bring into the company. Without great employees to carry the good message we would be just doing the work without the caring part.

If nothing else, what is the one piece of information you want someone to know about your business?
We may not have the largest staff or the biggest advertising budget but we will always be honest with you. We will call you back, even if it’s to say we can’t take you on as a new client today.

What is the one piece of business advice you would like to share?
Do more than you promise and more than what is expected of you and your company.