Think Globally, Act Locally

“The Chamber is just a group of people who really love living here, really love working here, and really love being part of an organization that is working to make our entire area better.” –Janet Warren, MarCom Capital


Being a member of the Chamber says a lot about your business. It puts you in the company of a community of businesses who care about our quality of life and work hard to enhance the well being of our area, for everyone.  Local leaders turn to the Chamber for our input and involvement. They invest in the Chamber to:

  • Help maintain a quality of life that is attractive to their employees.
  • Advocate for regulations that are reasonable in their impact on the business environment.
  • Act strategically to enhance our area’s potential, connecting leaders across the county and Pioneer Valley
  • Support small businesses that are the engine of our local economy
  • The Chamber’s Northampton Area Young Professionals connects our young emerging leaders to each other, provides professional development opportunities and deepens their commitment to our area.

We’d love to talk to you about how being a member contributes to the long-term success of our area. If you want to hear more, please contact Suzanne Beck, our Executive Director.