“It’s a Great Connection, one we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t been part of the Chamber”
– Elaine Formica, RideNoho


Nearly a third of Chamber members rely on business from people who are visiting our area, whether they’re 20 miles away or 50+ miles away.  Our effectiveness in promoting the region, measuring results, and bringing new visitors to Hampshire County has never been better. It’s a great time to join.


  • Visithampshirecounty.com is the first comprehensive travel destination website promoting all of Hampshire County and features every Chamber member.
  • The new JackRabbit reservation search engine website feature generates direct booking traffic to lodging members.
  • Digital marketing campaigns 50+ more miles outside the region promote our area and generate thousands visitors to our website.
  • Our blogs, consumer newsletters, and social media posts promote members and link visitors to our website and yours.
  • Monthly industry newsletters give you access to travel research, workshops, and added-value opportunities to promote your business.
  • 125,000 copies of the Pioneer Valley Visitor Guide, the region’s #1 requested guide, are printed annually and feature a listing for every Chamber member.
  • Monthly media releases to the state tourism office and travel media promote upcoming events, new properties, and attractions.
  • One full-time staff member dedicated to management of the RTC’s digital marketing platform and hospitality industry support.
  • The Chamber is leading, with the Chambers of Commerce in Amherst and Easthampton, the newly formed Hampshire County Regional Tourism Council.